“What’s the Point” Podcast

“What’s the Point” Podcast

What's the Point Podcast

What’s the Point? You.

What’s the Point Podcast is a unique resource in the area of men’s mental health. We touch on depression, anxiety and general life situations that men often struggle with. Each episode includes real men, sharing real stories of struggles with mental health and life challenges. What’s the Point Podcast is produced by the Face It Foundation. Face It is a Minneapolis based non-profit that works solely with men to overcome life’s challenges through peer support and free of charge services.

Your Hosts

Mark Meier & Bill Dehkes, Face It Foundation
Mark Wick, Former St. Scholastica Hockey Coach

What's the Point host: Mark MeierWhat's the Point host: Bill DehkesWhat's the Point host: Mark Wick

Why Face It - #17

Since the start of our podcast, we have received many comments asking about Face It. We refer to Face It a lot, our groups and other activities in most episodes. We thought it was a good idea to take a deeper dive into what is the Face It Foundation! Listen in to hear all about the 100% FREE services that Face It has to offer men that are struggling.

Listen to "Why Face It - #17" on Spreaker.

Josh Marquart - #16

Josh Marquart drops by the studio today. Josh takes us a through a tale of trying to live a life with depression and shame. Being open and honest can be very difficult and Josh lays out his struggles in ways we can all relate to.

Listen to "Josh Marquart - #16" on Spreaker.

Dan Foley - #15

Dan Foley joins the boys today. Dan first came through the doors of Face It in 2012.
Dan shares how anxiety and depression affected himself, his role as an elementary school teacher and the lives of his wife and children.

Listen to "Dan Foley - #15" on Spreaker.

Military Mental Health - #14

Another FIRST for the “What’s the Point Podcast”...Dave Peters joins the guys for a second time. Dave was in previously to share his mental health journey. Today, Dave as a 16 year military veteran, shares his thoughts and insights on Military mental health and veteran suicides.

Listen to "Military Mental Health - #14" on Spreaker.

Let It Go - #13

No guests today, just the boys. This episode is about the fact that we all have things we need to “Let Go” of. We hold on to some thoughts and feelings that impact us in a negative way. Bill shares a difficult story about something that he has been holding on to for decades...and how he “Let it Go”.

Listen to "Let It Go - #13" on Spreaker.

Kaitlin Daeges - #12

Today, the guys are breaking the rules...they actually sit down with Kaitlin Daeges, Executive Director of the LIVIN Foundation...and our first female guest! Kaitlin joins the boys today to share a touching story of her father’s suicide when she was 12 and the impact that had on the family and Kaitlin specifically.

Listen to "Kaitlin Daeges - #12" on Spreaker.

Dave Peters - #11

Today we are joined by Mr. Dave Peters. As a teenager, Dave started to get into trouble, so he turned to the military for direction. Dave talks openly about his childhood, his times during deployments and the mental health that impacted his life in a way that it led him to attempt to take his own life. Listen to what pushed Dave into a direction of helping others.

Listen to "Dave Peters - #11" on Spreaker.

Financial Stress and Mental Health - #10

In today’s episode, the boys talk about stress, especially related to financial issues. Whether it is a job loss, too many bills, college tuition or worrying about retirement. It all can lead to stress, anxiety and much more. We talk about the important of being honest about your situation and using your communication skills. If money can be a point of worry for you, you will want to listen to today’s podcast.

Listen to "Financial Stress and Mental Health - #10" on Spreaker.

Paul Martin - #9

Mark, Bill and the coach are joined by Paul Martin. Paul graduated from Elk River High School the same year he was selected “Mr. Hockey”. He went on to win two NCAA Hockey titles with the Minnesota Golden Gophers and recently concluded a 15 year career in the National Hockey League. It sure seemed like Paul had everything he could have ever wanted, but that wasn’t the case. Hear Paul talk about his struggles with depression and what he has done to turn his life in a more positive direction.

Listen to "Paul Martin - #9" on Spreaker.

Mike Beardsley - #8

Mike Beardsley is our first guest that does not attend a regular meeting at Face It. With that said, Mike shares an incredible story of childhood drama and how it affected him and his family as he grew older. Mike has traveled around the Midwest with Mark and Bill, giving a presentation called “Real Men, Real Stories”.

Listen to "Mike Beardsley - #8" on Spreaker.

Listener Questions - #7

The “Coach” Mark Wick, along with Bill and Mark Meier answer a variety of listener submitted questions and topics. All three men offer their thoughts on some very common questions as well as some unique ones as well.

Listen to "Listener Questions - #7" on Spreaker.

Jonah Scholen - #6

Jonah Scholen joins the guys in this week’s episode. Jonah shares a gripping story of depression, anxiety and rage and how those three things affected his work and home life. Jonah has a great message that he would give to his former struggling self.

Listen to "Jonah Scholen - #6" on Spreaker.

Pat Donnelly - #5

Pat Donnelly joins Mark, Bill and the coach to talk about his struggles with depression and anxiety. Pat is a writer by trade, his written words that were published in the Star Tribune newspaper in 2017 about his journey has had a profound impact on many of the men that have come through the doors at the Face It Foundation.

Listen to "Pat Donnelly - #5" on Spreaker.

It's Our Journey - #4

No guest this week. Mark, Bill, and the coach describe what depression feels like and the things we have all done to get our lives moving in the right direction.

Listen to "It's Our Journey - #4" on Spreaker.

Kevin Cassidy - #3

Today’s guest is Kevin Cassidy. Kevin, a 32 year old man will share a compelling story of a mental health journey that started at a young age, through college and into adulthood. His drive for himself and compassion for others is truly inspirational.

Listen to "Kevin Cassidy - #3" on Spreaker.

Brian Murphy - #2

In today’s episode, Mark and the guys are joined by Brian Murphy. Brian, a former columnist with the St. Paul Pioneer Press and radio personality, will share his struggles with depression and his road to recovery.

Listen to "Brian Murphy - #2" on Spreaker.

Pilot Episode

In this pilot episode, meet Mark Meier, Bill Dehkes and Mark Wick. Hear their stories and what they hope to come out of this one of a kind podcast.

Listen to "Pilot Episode" on Spreaker.

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