Donate to the Face It Foundation

This fundraiser is sponsored by

Epsilon Delta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha

Dear valued donors,

It’s with a heavy heart and a determined spirit that our fraternity, the Epsilon Delta chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, embarks on this essential fundraising endeavor.

Men’s suicide prevention is a cause that deeply resonates with us. Tragically, it remains a severely underserved area in mental health, but our drive to champion this cause isn’t driven by statistics alone. We’ve endured the heart-wrenching pain of losing our brothers to suicide, brothers who faced battles that remained unseen and unheard to many. The void left by their departure is immeasurable, and their memories compel us to act and ensure that no more lives are lost in silence.

Through this initiative, our mission is to amplify awareness, foster a community of support, and underscore the importance of mental health resources. By supporting our cause, you are not just funding resources; you are providing hope, promoting understanding, and preserving the promise of a brighter tomorrow for countless individuals. Together, we can help guide those in despair towards a path of hope and recovery.