About the Founder

Mark Meier

Mark with his daughter Anna, who will join him on the 2011 Bike Tour

Face It founder Mark Meier lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his family. In addition to his full-time commitment to leading Face It, Mark is an adjunct faculty member and researcher at the University of Minnesota in the School of Medicine and Graduate School of Social Work.

Mark has degrees in Social Work and Psychology. In addition to his private clinical work, Mark has developed professional training resources on depression for physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers and other health care professionals.

Mark has delivered over 250 talks across the United States on topics ranging from depression in men to depression in physicians, to the impact of depression on individuals with chronic illnesses. Mark is a frequent contributor to the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis KARE-11, speaking on depression-related topics.

An avid hockey fan, Mark will make any excuse to watch, play or coach hockey. Mark also enjoys coaching youth soccer, softball and baseball.  When not coaching, you can probably find Mark and his family camping, fishing, biking, skiing, hiking, or chasing after their beloved Golden Retriever, Lucky.

If Mark knows how to talk the depression talk, it’s because he has walked the walk. Mark lived with untreated depression for many years and knows firsthand the challenges men, their families, friends, and colleagues face when dealing with this highly charged issue. Read Mark’s story

Mark is committed to helping men feel comfortable and confident in addressing their depression. Mark is also dedicated to driving research for innovative approaches to address depression. He is always seeking motivated and innovative partners who recognize that the treatment of depression requires more than a pill and some counseling.

A message from Mark

If you are in crisis, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline